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When it comes to your company's reputation, lapses in quality can lead to huge losses from your customers and the health authorities.  Let Breakthrough Pharma help you prevent or remediate problems in your quality management system or pharmaceutical operations.  We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with our clients in order to help them improve and grow their business.

We believe that "Trust is the key to quality and performance."TM   We know that to achieve high performing and quality pharmaceutical operations, everyday readiness is crucial.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you establish compliant practical practices and procedures so that your team operates with confidence and capability everyday. 

Our "Everyday approach" will teach your team to build their confidence; trust in themselves and be prepared for customer and health authority audits any day and every day.  We will help you create an operating environment that focus your team on the concepts required to treat everyday like gameday. 

At Breakthrough Pharma, we can assist in improving your quality, leadership, and operations to allow your business to become the success it should be.  Our services are unique and ideally suited for anyone who must follow the rules and regulations of a government heath authority. 

Our pharmaceutical consulting services team uniquely relies upon our broad backgrounds and industry experiences, which enables us to find practical solutions to todays compliance problems.

Our founder has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 30 years and has a broad background and leadership experience in...  research and development, analytical laboratories, clinical research quality, compliance, quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing, operations, distribution and warehousing.

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